Download: Halo 5 Guardians Forge Details Overviewed and Explained

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IMPORTANT - Halo 5 Guardians Forge will be released Holiday Break

We'll finally have the exciting details behind the forge of Halo 5 Guardian due to a video uploaded by Xbox Channel showing Halo Cartographers playing, testing and discussing the new features and benefits of the newest iteration of forge.

Features (Credit to "sgtfrankieboy" for Organizing this)

- Grouping - Group multiple objects
- Welding - Weld objects to a parent object.
- 1600+ Objects!
- New Object Types (FX emiters, decals, invisible blocks, chroma screens, and more)
- Projected Terrain Pieces - Terrain pieces sample textures from their position, blending in with the rest.
- True Budget - no more Arbitrary dollar values.

- Real Light Objects
= Light Fixtures like light posts, beacon lights
= Opt-in Light Bake
= Shadow Clamp - Prevent shadowed spots from getting too dark.

3 Forge Canvases!
= Alpine - Grassy Field map with a beach and Mountains, similar to Forge world with it theme but is textures much more like Halo 2 Anniversary and Halo 4
= Glacier - Snowy Ice Map, like an ice mountain. Includes an ice ravine in the middle of the map
= "Space" (Temp Name) - An empty canvas with regular blocks and no premade land, But has a very cool Halo CE like Skybox

- All three maps will have trhee different lighting themes: changes level lighting, background skybox, etc.
- Colors - 100+ Primary, Secondary, & Tertiary Colors for mast majority of building pieces.
- Scripting Redux - Almost every object can be scripted to change, send messages and more!