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Participants of Kangaroo Court of Doolittle Fliers. Silent footage. April 16, 1946.
Japanese on gallows w/ hands tied behind back, three or four US officers behind. Japanese priest & man bow. Hood put over head & feet tied. Noose fitted over head & tightened w/ officer watching. Lever pulled & man drops.
Officer w/ stethoscope checking for heartbeat as man dangles. Soldier watching. MPs untie man, attach strap & raise him up. Body wrapped in cloth lowered on tray as MPs watch. Japanese-American soldier helping.
Smiling Japanese prisoner walks in w/ hands tied, bows or nods, officers standing behind, priest in & bows. Hood fitted & noose put around neck; lever pulled & body drops. Body hanging & checked w/ stethescope, then raised. MPs removing noose & putting body into white sheet or bag, placed on tray & lowered. More of removing noose. Looking at face in bag. Lowering tray. Slate: Kochchi Masuda.
Japanese priest walks in w/ book, followed by MPs & blindfolded prisoner. Standing w/ blindfold off, charges read to prisoner, priest approaches & they bow. Tying ankles, hood & noose fitted, lever pulled & body drops & swings on rope. Checking w/ stethescope. Strap attached, legs untied, body raised. Shot of removing noose.
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