Download: AIRBORNE! British Paras 1945 to 1968: Palestine, Suez, Cyprus, Aden Part 1/2

By dynmicpara


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The British Paras lead NATO and the free world in low altitude parachute assaults to evade radar detection:


---these should be the bread & butter in Afghanistan NOT noisy helicopters and dust cloud-seen-for-miles wheeled truck stampedes leaving FOBs. Rhodesian Fire Force-style using M113 Gavins, BV10S Vikings, Scimitar CVT-Rs etc. light mechanized parachute Quick Reaction Forces (QRFs) should be how we 3D maneuver in Afghanistan to seal the borders in conjunction with sensor-security fences.

Moreover, these videos show the British Paras THINKING PROFESSIONALISM and humble attention-to-detail lacking in our hubristic U.S. military--particularly the USMC which should be disbanded for criminal incompetence and corruption.

Part 1 shows amazing and rare footage in Palestine, Suez, Cyprus and Aden.

Note the 6 x 106mm Recoilless Rifles the Paras jumped into Suez with; I wonder how they did this?

Also a rare interview of General Anthony Farrar-Hockley "Farra the Para" who had an amazing military career in WW2, Korea, Suez, Cyprus, Aden, and Northern Ireland. He retired just before the Falklands war or that could have been added to his list! A historian and a thoughtful professional!