Download: Rajiv Gandhi Funeral

By hijazna


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The cremation of the assassinated former Prime Minister took place on the banks of the Jamuna River and was attended by many foreign dignitaries. He was murdered on 21st September 1991.

INDIA SEQ Workers carrying & laying brick base New Delhi for funeral pyre SOF (24 secs) Shakti Sthal SEQ Carpets laid & wooden stands Banks of constructed (15 secs) Jamuna River CMS Line soldiers play 'last post' SOF (rehearsal) Teen Murti CMS Man leading crowd chanting 'Rajiv House Gandhi' PULL OUT SOF MS Group police standing around CS Women looking on - seen thru wire fence TCMS Ditto other women MS Line ceremonial guards MS Men standing at loudpseakers next life-size cardboard cut out of Rajiv CMS Covered body of former PM Rajiv Gandhi (assassinated 21.5.91) carried by pallbearers including his son Rahul PAN L-R thru crowd TCMS Sonia Gandhi (wife) & daughter Priyanka amidst crowd (wearing mourning white) MS Ceremonial troops with guns reversed slow march past followed by drummers TCMS Drummer beating drum as slow marches TMS Decorated army lorry (acting as gun carriage) along followed by crowd TMS Chanting people alongside gun carriage carrying body PULL OUT PAN R-L CS Little girl looking towards CMS Old woman crying TGV Funeral procession MS Cut out of Gandhi held above crowd TMS Gun carriage along flanked by troops & crowd MS Stationary gun carriage TBV Crowd B/W Alleged female bomber STILL G/AIR Heli hovering over crowd PULL OUT rose petals thrown down over crowd BV Crowd running away as chased by police hitting out with long sticks TRACK FORWARD BV Ditto MS Police along with sticks TRACK BACK TBV Funeral crowd along Shakti Sthal GV Crowd - many in trees to get good sight of cremation MS Onlookers in tree LS Priests chanting next pyre SOF as onlookers in BV in f/g MS Priests ditto with Sonia & Priyanka in BV & Rahul circling pyre with burning piece of wood BV Onlookers BV Rahul lighting pyre MS Rahul pouring ghee over pyre as smoke starting to rise CBV Priyanka & Sonia with arms around one another as Priyanka walks away leaving Sonia alone TCMS SIDE Benazir Bhutto (Former Pakistani PM) MS SIDE Britain's Prince Charles (in naval uniform) looking on ZOOM IN (standing close to Yasser Arafat - ldr of PLO) MS Edward Heath MP (Cons) & Douglas Hurd MP (UK Foreign Sec) standing amidst crowd of VIPs CBV Head & ceremonial hat of soldier as smoke rising from funeral pyre in b/g PULL OUT TX

Date: 24/05/1991