Download: Black Mesa - Scientist Slaughterhouse [Mod]

By PlasticJockey


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[As Of 1/29/13]

[Scientist Slaughterhouse Agenda]

While I'm working on the mod, I'll be going down a list to make sure everything is fully completed. Be sure to check back to view any changes.

1. Sound Mods:
I've gotten the majority of the NPCs sound mod back, like, when they get harmed ,killed, etc.. All I need to do is add custom (or the original) chatter vocals for the missions.

2. Reskins/Modified Models:
There isn't to much left to change here.

3. New Weapons/Modified Weapons:

4. Custom Particles:

5. Custom Animations:

6. Five NPC Slaughter Maps
N/A - I'll probably release the maps separately.

This Mod contains sounds from the original mod and my own. Also, some NPCs might have different lines than the ones they would normally have in the HL1 version.

[Black Mesa: Scientist Slaughterhouse]
Download Link: *Outdated*

[ORIGINAL|Half-Life: Scientist Slaughterhouse]
Download Link:
[Update Log]

**NOTICE: I have been updating the mod between 12/31/12 and now, I just never really bothered to come online and post the updates. So don't worry, I'm still working to get this done.**
**Also, remember when I said some things would be different compared to the original SSH? Scratch that, I want this to be EXACTLY like the original version.**

+12/31/12: You know how in the original Scientist Slaughterhouse when you press the button at the front desk, the computer room is full of scientist? I've added that too, but it seems to create nothing but glitches in and out the computer room for some reason. I'm trying my best to fix it.
-12/31/12: Replaced "Pick on someone your own size sucka" with the original "Oh Shit! What are you trying to do shitman (etc, etc, etc...)"

+12/18/12: Added TONS of more common and random sounds and renamed Flares to "Severed Burning Penis". (Might change it's appearance later... Hehe...)
-12/18/12: Replaced the KA-BOOM explosion with the original SSH explosions.

+12/17/12: Added in more Barney/Guard sounds.

+12/16/12: Made YMCA play more frequently near the front desk, also some sounds were broken due to being a MP3 instead of WAV. I've converted them back to WAV so they'll play.

+12/15/12: Added more npc sounds and more YMCA's, just because.

+11/27/12: Added more sound mods.

+11/22/12: Renamed Gordon Freeman to "GoreD0N FreAKman" and renamed tons of other content (to many to say).

+11/21/12: Made the Crowbar's force more powerful so npc's get thrown farther when they die, added "Shut up you MOTHER FUCKER!" when you break crates, "I thought you would be a challenge" when you die and more random chatter for the scientist at the end of the game.

+11/20/12: Made it so Snarks kill humanoids in one-hit, added more sounds and made the rocket launcher as slow as the one in HL1.
-11/20/12: Removed "I'm going to rape you!" from zombies.

+11/19/12: Colored the Snark Purple, added "PENISeS R COOL" on guard's uniform, shoved in more sound mods, added more original SSH music in in the hall(s) (Some) and near the front desk and added "Hit me/Oh SNAP!" on more double doors.
-11/19/12: Replaced the Dear Sister sound from 357 with the original HL1 gun sound.

+11/18/12: Added "Nu Uh Uh, you didn't say the magic words!" on locked doors and most buttons.