Download: Toram Online Build Mage Lv. Cap 75 by Irusaru

By Muhammad Irsal


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Build Mage Lv. Cap 75 by Irusaru

Must Full INT for high damage, dont waste your stat point to put in dex or else


Weapon :
Ooze Staff A52+ Slot with demon gate xtall (MATK3% DEX 2%) crafted by player with stat INT4% MATK4% or INT7 MATK4%*
*Once level cap raise to Lv.80, stat can be INT8 MATK4%.
I recommended INT4% MATK4% because it already max stat in weapon. If you are poor and dont have much spina
but you want have high damage, try to buy or create all element staff such as Fire Water Wind Earth Dark Light
so you can use element staff against elemental Boss/Mini Boss
Fire weak against water weak against wind weak against earth weak against fire
Light weak against dark weak against light.
Already tested since lv cap 55 that Elemental staff have a great damage while compare to the neutral Stat INT MATK

Sub Weapon :
Bush Dagger or Demon Gate Shield, if you want high damage then use Bush Dagger (Weapon ATK+10) but if you want high HP then use Demon Gate Shield (HP+500)

Armor : Any armor with D35+ slot with Forestia Xtall crafted by player with stat INT7 INT4% / INT6 INT4% / INT6 INT3%, why not matk% ? because matk% give more potential than INT% in armor, MATK 1% waste 20pt and INT 1% waste 10pt.

Add Gear :
Crystal Earring D10+ slot with Brutal Dragon Xtall (ATK 1% MATK1%) or Seltirio Xtall (CSPD+300)

Special Gear :
Magic Talisman II Slot with OOze Xtall

Skill Tree & Combo Watch Video

You can get combo when u already have 10 different Skills and received Emblem Combo,
You only get 2 Combo Point at the beginning then you must always use combo without fail so your
combo point will increase and maxed until 10 combo point.