Download: Lee Ann McAdoo: Getting A Gun, Shooting Straight & Stand Your Ground

By Doc Casull


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Consider reading “Your First Gun” by Alan Korwin. It will help you make the decision to join 127,000,000 Gun Owners in America.

Revolvers are an excellent choice for your first gun. Get one that holds six, seven or eight rounds in 357 magnum, which will also handle the 38 Special. There are also great choices in 9mm or 45 ACP that can be speed-loaded with moonclips.

Consider reading: Concealed Carry For Women by Gila Hayes. She offers a detailed discussion about frame sizes, fitting your hand and the importance of having a qualified gunsmith render it double action only for self-defense use.

(Read the Alvarez case in Black's Law by Roy Black to learn what Janet Reno, a rabid anti-gun prosecutor argued. Remove the B.S. “prosecutions theory” that you “recklessly cocked” the revolver “to show off” and accidentally shot the home invader to stop the forceable-felony threat to your life...

Every woman in America should consider owning an AR-15. It is your birthright. It is the most popular selling rifle for self-defense, competition, hunting and enjoyment of target shooting.

“Buy a shotgun?” What an absurdity. Many woman handle it fine, but a shotgun should not be your first or only gun.

Whatever you do, buy a gun. Take classes on safe handling. Practice often. Refuse to be a victim.

Consider reading: Thank God I Had A Gun (True Accounts of Self Defense)