Download: The Titan Mk4 - Kerbal Space Program (modded)

By ArcticAstrophysics


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My goal was to design and build the largest plane ever made in Kerbal Space Program.
This is the Titan Mk4

The mods used were the Mk4 aircraft pack, modular wheels pack, and two other mods which contained large wings (All found on Kerbal Space Port)

Plane Specifications:
Parts: 841
Length: N/A (didn't work that out yet)
Width: N/A
Thrust: 4000 kN (500x8) - Updated version: 8000 kN, 1/2 for cruising w/ no payload
Ceiling: 12,000m
Cruising Speed: 200 m/s
Top Speed: 880 m/s (before breaking apart)

The Mk4 was made with the use of mods
The Mk2 was made without the use of mods

- - - - - SONGS USED - - - - -

First song: Epic Score - Something To Believe In (Gabriel Shadid - Epic Intense Dramatic)
Last song: Vlado Hudec - I Will Remember (Epic Dramatic Heartfelt)

-----------------------Pictures Below--------------------------

*** Titan Mk5 ***
(Stopped working on for now)

Tail Prototype - Tail Design - Tail (front view) and Engines - Kerbal View

Full-Wing Prototype - Top View - Runway - In Flight (first flight of the Mk5 5/15/2013)


*** Pereon ***
(Lost all my computer data so I'll have to rebuild it - 7/9/2013)

The Pereon is a super sonic transport aircraft, capable of flying non-stop around Kerbin without refueling. Made of all KSP stock parts it's as maneuverable as a fighter jet even though it's mass is that of a small jumbo jet.

Pictures were taken before my computer crashed on me


*** Jumbo Space Plane ***

I plan on designing a stock space plane that will be able to carry at least one 36 ton orange fuel tank (Planning on two orange fuel tanks, or 72 tons) into low Kerbin orbit, this is the prototype, but something completely different will most likely be made


A special thanks to the Devs!
Also would like to thank the creators of all the mods used
And a thanks to the KSP community for all the great feedback