Download: Sims 3 - Club Diablo exotic dance club Music Video - Pole Dancing and More!

By Sims Dreamer


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Welcome to the Devil's club! New Pole Dance animations and other complex dancing! Higher video-quality due to screen-capture recording (my first video to record this way, will be the norm from now on).

Please watch in HD, enjoy, and check out my channel which includes other exotic dance club videos!

NOTE: This video looks better on my computer than this upload does. I don't know if I need to change something about how I rendered this, or that is just the way this upload will always be. Granted, this is the first video I've uploaded that was screen-shot versus in-game recording. However, for all my Sims 3 uploads, the original video files on my PC look slightly better (and a little louder). As with this video, all my uploads have less sharpness to the colors than the original video file on my PC. In addition, this upload has more motion-blur than my original video file. I will try to fix this problem with my next upload, and I may even replace this upload if I can get it to look significantly better. I want your video views to be as good as they are to me and can be!

All my dancers stay clothed (never nudity). All expansions through Supernatural, High-End Loft Stuff, and some Sims 3 store items used. Various Sims 3 cheats, camera movement, mods and editing used to make this video. Speaking is in Simlish.

Blender used to make pole dance animations. Pole Position poses by Puss 'N Heels on modthesims aided creation of first pole dance animation (one-handed pole sit to seated leanback). I plan to make more pole dance animations to include in complete version of this video.

This video includes dance animations by the awesome Umpa: a_mmd_singsmile_1 and a_disco_01. Also includes runway catwalk animation by SNTMS3 on YouTube: runwaywalk002.

I've wanted to make a club like this one ever since I first saw the film Bedazzled! The look of the Devil (remember that scene?) and the feel and atmosphere (not so much the look) of the club are reminiscent of that film. I wanted to show the Devil driving up to the club in a Lamborghini Diablo, but I couldn't get the footage to work out. However, I may show the outside of this club in a future video. Stayed tuned, viewers.

Partial List of Mods Used (I also used hair and clothing mods):
NRaas's MasterController mod (with Cheats, Expanded Tattoo, and Integration add-ons); NRass's Dresser, GoHere, Animator, Relativity, and Overwatch mods;
Pose Player and Animation Player by cmomoney on modthesims;
The Exotic Pole by Puss 'N Heels on modthesims;
Dance animations on Umpa Blog
Runway animation by SNTMS3
Sims3 Package Editor from The Sims Resource
No Effects Modder by velocitygrass on modthesims (removed clothes-change swirl);
No More Annoying Sounds mods by jonha on modthesims;
Almost Invisible Fence (around stage) - can't find on modthesims anymore, sorry.

Great thanks to all the mod creators whose mods made this video possible!

Big thank-you also to Kevin MacLeod for providing free music used in this video, and many more on his website.

Music List:
"Night of Chaos" by Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

"Noise Attack" by Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0