Download: Phoenix Wrong: Turnabout BULL****

By Sestren NK


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Obviously all graphics and Ace Attorney/Phoenix Wright © Capcom. :)

Well, here's my contribution to the endless number of Phoenix Wrong videos. Watched a longplay of the first two games, and like almost every other video on my channel, did some stuff that no one's done yet, although I get the feeling at least one of these little snippets have already been done... (no, seriously)

Definitely found a bit of appreciation for sprite animations; trying to get everyone's lips to move in sync with the audio was a chore in itself. I took a different approach than most would though (I think), in that the eye and mouth sprites are their own separate graphics than the main body sprite.

And for being a graphic artist, I was surprised in how much time it took me to create a certain group of sprites for the very last bit before the credits. Make a lively Cinco de Mayo poster at work? Maybe one hour depending if the network doesn't crash. Dot-by-dot-by-dot to make seven 8-bit sprites of a certain character? Three times as much. O_O If I'm going back to school later this month to go for a bachelor's in game art and design I'm gonna have to improve on that. And to think how much effort goes into Neo Geo sprites or Castlevania ones for that matter.

And no, don't ask for anything from me because they answer's still gonna be no. :) Animated with After Effects, and that song at the end is the credits to Virtua Fighter 5 (vanilla).

Yes, Sega Saturn was my youth. I regret nothing.