Download: Drop Pop Candy Undertale MAP: Part 11

By Kutsivi


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EDIT 3: No, I'm not going to change the song because it is a part of a MAP that has a fixed song. It's good to put one's imagination into work, though!
EDIT 2: So I've been noticing that this video has been circulating around other networks! If you happen to find a video without my name, may you please suggest them to credit it? :D That'd be well appreciated. Thank you!
EDIT: Oh my goodness, thank you all for the kind words! I wish I could thank you all personally...

For this MAP:
Download Link: (Sendspace was a bad bad.)

To be honest; I really wanted to animate them in an outer space-like environment, even if this isn't in the game. Oops... I hope that's fine! The colouring in this animation is rather sloppy... I apologize for that. Still getting used to the new tablet!

It's been awhile since I've last posted, huh? Well, I finally got the guts to start animating after a long and rough battle with my art style crisis (if it's even considered to be a crisis in the first place). Hopefully this'll be the first video after my uncalled hiatus, and many more videos to come from there! I 'oughta get into practicing before Klockwork starts!

Speaking of Klockwork... If you have already participated in the casting call, I have updated the try out script with a few more lines! You are not required to re-audition, but if you do, it'll definitely improve your chances of getting a part.

I WORKED REALLY HARD ON TRACING THAT SAVE THING. You can tell I got really... really... REALLY lazy on the shooting stars.

Until next time