Download: BEYBLADE - Radical FIRE Experiment Mod!



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A Beyblade set on fire! To some people it looks fake, but remember, fire looks that way in slow motion. Watch the whole video and you can see it in real-time.
Beyblade filmed in slow motion on fire.
Do not try this at home. Really. Flaming things hurt.
Three different camera perspectives of the same scene.
I use Casio EXF1 Pro high speed cameras and Panasonic and Flip HD cameras.

Commonly asked question is how do I slow down the video, what program do I use? The cameras I use are high speed cameras and this is how the video looks right out of the cameras. Basically, when I film for one second, when we play it back that one second last 20 seconds.
I wanted to show how cloudy it was the morning I filmed this. You can see I had to use my two LED flood lamps to make up for the lack of natural light.

Music by Zero-Project

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