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An extended animated version of the popular lecture ``The Structure of the Proton'', which was given in English at ``Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften 2013''.
The lecture includes the information about the structure of the proton, a parton model and a deep-inelastic scattering, which allow to obtain such information; about the discovery of radioactivity and its properties, the description of the "Gold foil experiment" and its consequences for the understanding the structure of atom; about the discovery of the structure of the proton by SLAC-MIT experiment, with an detailed description of an experimental facilities, how they are constructed and work; about quarks and their properties: electric charge, spin, color. Simple explanations of the spin, color and other fundamental properties of an elementary particles are given together with the construction of the proton and other subatomic particles from the quarks. The color (strong) forces are described with some details about confinement or why we cannot observe an isolated quark. The colors of gluons are illustrated on a simple examples.
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