Download: FF2 Boss Demonstration: Saxton Hale

By Karma Charger


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Saxton Hale is one of the playable bosses in Freak Fortress 2 server mode.

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Saxton Hale's weapon stats:
Level 101 Fists
+200% damage bonus
+2 capture rate on wearer

Saxton Hale's abilities:
- Super Jump: To use the super jump, hold down the right mouse button or the crouch button while looking upwards and then release it.

- Weighdown: To use this ability, crouch and look down while in mid- air. Causes the boss to fall much faster than normal players.

- Speed up: bosses begin the round with the movement rate of a Medic (107%), which increases to that of a Scout (133%) when severely injured.

Rage: Bosses have a rage meter, which builds when they take damage. When the rage meter is full, just simply press the "E" button (call Medic!) to use the rage.
* Rage: Nearby Enemies are scared.
* Scare radius — 20 meters
* Saxton Hale has the largest scare radius of any default boss.
* 1900 damage to activate.

- Health: Bosses have a massive amount of health, which increases with the number of players.

Credits and big thanks to:
FF2 Developer - Freak Fortress 2 Mode
Nonhuman - Arena version of the map ( )
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