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By Moonshadow


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Well finally a video I think is a tiny bit worth watching! Not like the last ones I've been posting hahah
For the most part, I just tried to follow the song lyrics.
Jack and Pitch work together and find Elsa. Pitch (the boss xD) makes Elsa evil, but right before it happens she strikes him with her ice and freezes him to "death", or at least so they think, so Jack becomes the leader and Elsa his follower, until Pitch appears again right when Elsa was becoming herself again, and makes her kill Jack.

- Please excuse the cheap effects I used for Pitch's "magic" and Jack's blood. I did those parts when the video was already done so they were very rushed
- Elsa's dad blames her of killing her sister. "Grown up" Anna isn't Elsa's sister
- Elsa was crying because she had killed a person, not because it was Jack (There were no feelings from her for him this time)
- I forgot to add red eyes to someone once. Did you notice who it was? xD

You guuuuuysssss, can we talk about the coloring? xD I know it's not beautiful or anything, but I'm so proud of it because its got the Christmas colors! :D (Even though this is not a Christmas video) There are only 72 days, 3 hours, 7 minutes and 10 seconds (xD) left til Christmas. And I already baked some cookies hahahah but DO YOU KNOW HOW HARD IT IS FOR ME TO NOT EDIT WITH CHRISTMAS MUSIC RIGHT NOW?! Like I've been listening to that music almost all week -.- but I'm controlling myself for the sake of you guys xD CHRISTMAS, CHRISTMAS, CHRISTMASSSSSS!!!! I wonder if Jack Frost will bring lots of snow this winter xD

Ok, so before I go, I'll repeat it again: I'm not making more of your requests until next month, because I'm focusing more on my own projects. (For Alia: Your trailers will be uploaded on the same dates I told you I would though ^^) For the new requests I've been getting, I have a list with over thirty songs/stories/ideas requests from you guys, and I WILL make them, just not right now :/

Okay, another long ass description xD I'm gonna go now, I've got a lot of paperwork to do -.- See you guys on the next one!

Have a great week!

Music: Don't mention the name of the artist and song. The names are at the start of the video
Footage: Frozen and Rise Of The Guardians
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