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By Argodaemon


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This is a 3D pony reenactment of the 4th intro for FullMetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. It is probably one of my favorite anime intros, so after rewatching the series, I decided to see if I could ponify it. Turned out pretty good. I was focusing the most on matching as closely to the original and to insure there was pretty backgrounds.

Big thanks to all those that came out to EFNW and MLP-MSP to see the panels I was on and see this video live! The conventions were a blast and have left me exhausted lol. Your support has been amazing and motivates me to only keep doing what I am doing. :)

Originally started working on it in November of 2014, worked my ass off on it for about 2 weeks, but stopped as there was no finished Shining Armor model. A model was finished and released early May, so worked my ass to the bone to finish it before EFNW at the end of the month.

Before you ask, I know that in the red/blue scene, Twilight and Shining are backwards. This was done intentionally. This was due to who they are shown with later. Red pony needed a love interest and blue pony needed 2 smaller friends. Because of this, swapping them made more sense.

This was originally rendered in 60fps, but I didn't like how it looked. The intro was made for a very low framerate, so turning it to 60fps was meh. Instead, it was encoded in 30fps for the public version. If you want to see the 60fps version, the link is below :D.

60fps version:
Comparison Video:

Music: Chemistry - Period

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Base Pony Models by Nahka

Mare in the Moon Model:
By ShatteredWing - Forgot to put in credits and was already too late D:

Shining Armor Model:

Colt Shining Armor Model:

Shattering Window Model:
Made by BeardedDoomGuy. For personal use atm.

Nightmare Moon Model:

Celestia Model:

Robo Arm/Leg:

Lunar Guard Model:

Black Vines/Tentacles:

Angel Bunny Model:

Owlicious Model:

Sombra Model:

3D Grass Model:

Spike Model:

Cadence Model:

Chrysalis Model:

Discord Model: