Download: SWA (Star Wars Awakening) Roblox "Part 2" The Fight!" (look in the descirption)

By Vegito421 The Terminator


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Join Miguel (Vegito) and his new apprentice...Cuzon as they fight a jedi..

And here is the story of my character so far..(Btw my current character of this rp has a different hair now so yeah,and this is what ive been actually doing for the last month or days,cant really put it in full details so heres the quickest way to know,I still remembers some of these so yeah) Miguel (Jedi Knight) fought 2 siths,he beated them,after that, a few days later (irl) he met a guy named Sora,and his companion,Alea.They went hunting for siths,until They met an inquisitor (forgot his name)they fought him,he was really strong,Sora found out from him that he was the one who captured his father (luke skywalker)as they fight several battles,after harsh battles,The three found him at naboo,It was then revealed that the inquisitor was friends with Miguel parents (btw..he's rp bio says he is the new inquisitor) Miguel shocked,he thought the inquisitor killed his parents,the inquisitor then reveals that someone else killed them both,as Miguel was in a state of shock,The Inquisitor Tells Miguel to kill him,As a reply Miguel says "No..i are my parents friend..." as then Sora turns on his lightsaber and says "Ill finish him" Miguel Replied "Go Ahead..." So then Sora cuts his head off.After that event they went back to hoth to rest,Miguel then tells them that he must go look for siths on his own for a while,so Sora,Alea,and Miguel went their own seperate ways.After a few days later (irl,we are just skipping the non-important stuff in my ongoing days on this game) Miguel on Mustafar Fights a Sith Lord,He beated the sith lord and she says (sith lords a girl) "You are strong in the force...Join the Darkside!"as Miguel refuses,She opens up a video hologram.And in total shock Miguel finds out That 2 Jedi was actually the one who killed his parents,Miguel in a state of pure anger and hatred,Joins the Darkside,Several days later,He finally becomes a sith lord,Miguel then searches for jedi.Though Most sith are cruel and greedy,Miguel and a few other siths were different,Miguel would sometimes spare jedi so they know not to mess with him,But if the jedi would dare fight him again,he will slaughter them.Miguel does not manipulate other jedi or neutral people,He lets them Decide which path to join,its neither His,The Sith Nor The Jedi's Decision,it was their own decision.As the story continoues.Miguel on Tatooine,With Cuzon,They Fought 3 tough jedi,But the Jedi Lost.A while ago actually before going to tatooine ,Miguel enlists Cuzon with a task to kill 20 jedi,10 to let them live and show them not to mess with the sith,and the other 10 to slaughter.Miguel then heads to coruscant to look at the jedi temple.he then met a powerful sith lord named Kylo Ren (yes..his rp name was kylo ren,doesnt really matter,he is a good rp'ier)Kylo Ren threatens Miguel not Knowing That Miguel is too,A Sith Lord.After Miguel tells Kylo Ren that He is a sith lord,Miguel Accompanies Kylo ren to tatooine,as they met up with Cuzon on the bar,Miguel then Intruduces Cuzon to Kylo.After a few Fights with jedi on tatooine,Miguel,Cuzon and Kylo went to mustafar,They then discussed on how were they gonna destroy the jedi temple on was then revealed that Kylo had a plan to destroy the jedi temple,There are cannons on tatooine,9 of them (just get along with the rp story cuz i just dealt with it) They then head to tattoine,As Kylo was activating the cannons,a jedi found out their plan in tatooine,Miguel then fights the jedi.though Miguel won,the jedi escaped to coruscant to tell his other companions..the united jedi,(it was formed during in the rp by some people) After Activating the cannons.They hurry to Coruscant to hope that he did not tell the other jedi,but as they got there,the jedi surrounded them,The 3 Fought all jedi and while fighting Miguel tells them to retreat because more are coming.they then retreated to mustafar,Kylo Frustrated,And Cuzon Guilty for not being able to stop the jedi from going back to coruscant and tell the united Jedi order,Miguel then tell them,that they will destroy the matter what.After the Brief event,Kylo then leaves to hunt more jedi,Cuzon Heads out to finish the task that Miguel gave him to finally become a sith lord.Miguel then Imagines his past life as a jedi,and then says "I will Destroy The Jedi...even if I have to fight you...Sora...(and there you have it..thats all the important story out in the way..ill keep you updated on the story guys so dont worry :D,anyway i hope you enjoyed the current video,Feel free to subscribe and like the vid too!,anyway thats all,good day guys!