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Sindbad was a traveler and one they he went to Paris. He saw two gypsy sisters playing music and dancing for money. He saw Jasmine. She was the youngest sister and she was very beautiful. Sindbad falled in love with her. Suddenly the guards came from somewhere and wanted to arrest gypsies and bring them to Frollo. Sindbad saved the girls from attack. But girls were gone. In that same day. Sindbad went to carnival where he saw Jasmine and Esmeralda dancing. The Frollo saw them to and got angry. The girls ran inside the church Notre Dame and Sindbad wanted to talk to Jasmine. Jasmine didn't remember him from last meeting. She was frightened and aggressive because she thought that Sindbad was a guard. He reminded her about the attack from guards and then she remembered him. Jasmine's sister Esmeralda also was scared but Jasmine explained to her. But Esmeralda wants her to ware from him.
The next day Jasmine thought abaout Sindbad every minute because she was fallen in love with him. In that same time Esmeralda got captured. Frollo attacked her and warned that if he will ever saw her and other gypsies in Paris then he will burn her and his sister Jasmine at the stake. Esmeralda ran to find Sindbad and told what happened. She asked Sindbad to protect Jasmine.
At that same night Frollo captured the gypsies. Esmeralda was sentence to death. Sindbad tried to save her but it was to late. Jasmine was next who had to die from Frollo's hand. Sindbad remembered that he promised Esmeralda to protect Jasmine. So he took her place. He said to Jasmine that he loves her and kissed her. He died and save his love.