Download: KSP: First Self-Sustaining Craft

By Xenro66


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This craft is capable of mining enough ore to refuel the lander, and partially refuel the transfer stage, meaning it's self sustainable! It's also 100% stock

I was challeneged to make a self sustaining craft by SomeRandom (, so that's what I done! In my previous video, I demonstrated that it was theoretically possible to complete this challenge. Now, with all the upgrades I made to it, it is capable of mining enough ore to refuel not only the lander, but some of the transfer stage too, so you could go down to a body and come out with more fuel than you had before going down. I will be testing this on interplanetary use, to see if I can get enough to go to any planet. But first, I'd have to figure out how to combat the overheating on the nuclear engines.

Mods currently in use:
- Distant Object Enhancement
- Kerbal Engineer Redux
- Flight Indicators (artificial horizon)
- Infernal Robotics
- Planet Shine
- RCS Build Aid (visuals for torque, RCS, etc.)
- Tweakscale
- B9 Procedural Wings
- KerbCam
- Camera Tools
- Time Control

Intro: Vanic x K.Flay "Make Me Fade"
Outro: Bassnectar "Timestrech"
DISCLAIMER: The audio on the outro has been modified for reasons I will not disclose. As a side-effect, any device that uses one speaker will not be able to hear the music. Also, with headphones, it will sound... strange. Sorry about that!

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