Download: Mortal Kombat X - Clearing Tower 10(Boss Kotal Khan), 11, and 12(Boss Reptile)

By HollywoodShono


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In this Mortal Kombat X video, we do an off stream recording of clearing Tower 10, with boss Kotal Khan, Tower 11, and Tower 12 with Reptile.

Despite Johnny Cage's Lower stats, he is actually one of the best Silver cards to use for this boss fight. Reason being is the Power Drain on his Level 1 move. Jax is also a very durable card with a strong Level 2, so if you can use both efficiently, you can sneak a win off. Reptile's Level 2 is not very good, but the Poison is good when it has time to tick.

Tower 10(2 Energy Per Battle):
Fight 1/6(350 Koins): Osh-Tekk(Bronze, 19, II), Scorpion(Silver, 19), Monk(Bronze, 19, II),
Fight 2/6(400 Koins): Oni(Bronze, 20, II), Lin Quei(Bronze, 20, II), Shirai Ryu(Bronze, 20, II)
Fight 3/6(450 Koins): Osh-Tekk(Bronze, 20, II), Monk(Bronze, 20, II), Shirai Ryu(Bronze, 20, II)
Fight 4/6(550 Koins): Test Your Might - Pig Head
Fight 5/6(550 Koins): Kenshi(Silver, 20), Trooper(Bronze, 20, II), Sergeant(Bronze, 20, II)
Fight 6/6(600 Koins): Boss Kotal Khan(Silver, 17, II)

Boss Kotal Khan has 5,285 Damage, and 7,047 Health. Kotal Khan's Totem makes him stronger! Make sure to be defensive minded!

5,000 Kombat Koins, 3 Soul Koins for competing Tower 10

Tower 11(2 Stamina Per Fight):
Fight 1/6(370 Koins): Cassie Cage(Silver, 21), Monk(Bronze, 21, I), Saurian(Bronze, 21, I)
Fight 2/6(420 Koins): Osh-Tekk(Bronze, 21), Reptile(Silver, 21), Saurian(Bronze, 21, I)
Fight 3/6(470 Koins): Shirai Ryu(Bronze, 21, I), Kotal Khan(Silver, 21), Osh-Tekk(Bronze, 21, I)
Fight 4/6(520 Koins): Trooper(Bronze, 21, II), Sonya Blade(Silver, 21), Saurian(Bronze, 21, I)
Fight 5/6(570 Koins): Lin Quei(Bronze, 22, I), Sonya Blade(Silver, 22), Trooper(Bronze, 22, I)
Fight 6/6(620 Koins): Lin Quei(Bronze, 22, I), Sub-Zero(Silver, 22, I), Shirai Ryu(Bronze, 22, I)

For completing Tower 11, you receive 1,500 Kombat Koins and 3 Soul Koins.

Tower 12(3 Energy Per Fight):
You are given a Level 17 Gold Assassin Kitana(4,375 Damage, 3,989 Health), she has 120% Power Generation, and upon tag in, does a couple hundred damage to the opponent. Her Level 1 Special Power Drains, make sure you use that when possible to reduce the damage you take.

Not sure if this is a bug, but Uplift DOES NOT knock opponents out, despite the power drain, it will put them at 1 Health. It's still very worth using as it drains power, great on Reptile or opponents that can survive one uplift.

WARNING: If Kitana is knocked out, you forfeit the match.

Fight 1/6(390 Koins): Shirei Ryu(Bronze, 23, II), Monk(Bronze, 23, II), Saurian(Bronze, 23, II)
Fight 2/6(440 Koins): Oni(Bronze, 23, II), Scorpion(Silver, 22, I), Lin Quei(Bronze, 23, II)
Fight 3/6(490 Koins): Osh-Tekk(Bronze, 23, II), D'Vorah(Silver, 23, I), Saurian(Bronze, 23, II)
Fight 4/6(540 Koins): Oni(Bronze, 24, II), Kung Jin(Silver, 24, I), Monk(Bronze, 24, II)
Fight 5/6(590 Koins): Oni(Bronze, 24, II), Ermac(Silver, 23, I), Monk(Bronze, 24, II)
Fight 6/6(640 Koins): Boss Reptile(Silver, 26)

Boss Reptile has 6,660 Damage, 8,250 Health. Reptile is in the Fist of Stone stance! Every successful attack he does helps him regenerate!

After defeating Reptile, you have the opportunity to finish him, tap in two spots and swipe in two spots to accomplish this.

For completing Tower 12, you receive 10,000 Kombat Koins, and 3 Soul Koins

So after seeing these three towers in action, do these bosses scare you, will you be purchasing Johnny Cage outright for the Power Drain, or have you acquired a Gold card to power through the fights?

Enjoy the video and if you have any questions, or video ideas, please run them my way! If you like the video, feel free to comment, like, subscribe, and help get the word out to your friends.