Download: Total Annihilation: Kingdoms, The Movie (1999, Cavedog)

By Khalbrae


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A video recovered from the old hard drives that was on the old Shyranis youtube channel. We were the original ones to release this on Youtube, but others probably followed suit. Which is all well and good. The important thing is for these videos to be shared and for new people to learn the lore of this wonderous world crafted by a company that put so much love into its work and perished before its time.

The history of the conflict raging across Darien is laid bare by the masterful storytelling and accompanying paintings. Done in a style reminiscent of the middle ages.

The story starts with a brief explaination of how the land of Darien came to be. Of its founder Garacaius and his children, immortal, left to rule the 4 kingdoms that make up the land.

He vanishes, leaving his children up to their own devices. Some, seeking to rule their land for the benefit of their people. Others, more ambitious.