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We all know that gaming is a great way to pass the time. Hell we freaking love it more than almost anything else. But it can lead to pretty embarrassing situations. Here are five good reasons why gaming can be awkward!

5. The love scene

Gaming and love scenes just don't mix. That's something we simply have to accept at this point. Whether you are pleasuring women with timed button presses in God of War, unhooking a bra in Heavy Rain or watching interspecies boning in Mass Effect. It is awkward as hell!

4. The ultra violence.

As gamers we sometimes forget how violent games actually are. Don't get us wrong we love the old ultra violence as much as the next guy but all that gore can make playing games in front of others pretty awkward. Parents who play games and have young children probably know exactly what we are talking about.

3. Character noises

We love playing a female game hero but boy can it awkward to hear them scream. The moaning of the likes of Lara Croft would instantly make us look for the remote as we didn't want anyone nearby to think we were actually watching something else. Aaaaawkwaaard…

2. Voice chat

Anyone who has ever put a headset on their ear to play some online Call of Duty knows the online gaming community can be absolutely toxic. So imagine the embarrassment when you accidently switch the voice chat from your headset to your TV speakers. Other people in the room will think you like playing games with a bunch of homophobic racists which is extremely uncomfortable.

1. Gesture gaming

Luckily the whole Kinect, Wii and Playstation Move hype has died down but boy was it awkward to play games by using gestures. Whether you are running in place, dancing or acting out other things, you would also look like a complete idiot to others. Just give us a controller and let us play our favourite games in peace. Gaming is awkward enough as it is.

Have you had any awkward experiences playing games? Let us know in the comments below!

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