Download: Star Wars Battlefront II Mods (PC) HD: Designated Days 1-3 | Clone Wars

By BattlefrontJDgamer


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WATCH IN HD! This is the third map in Operation Republic Ghost storyline of Icemember and the DD team's Designated Days maps. This third map follows the story of the 31st Cavalry, another legion of Clone Troopers that have been dispatched to the planet of Rathia to investigate claims of a CIS occupation. After taking the beaches of Parolis, the troops of the 31st Cavalry make their way into another city, defended by 10mm and 20mm machine gun nests and crawling with Rathian militia.
This series of maps have lots of references to WW2 from unit, weapon and vehicle design to the map layouts which make these maps stand out as something very unique.
The map comes with support for both Clone Wars and Galactic Civil War with the Clone Wars era acting as a objective based campaign mode in which you play as Icemember's fanon 84th Recon Corps. You can also play as the Rathian Militia however they have no set objectives and so in order to obtain victory have to eliminate all the Clone forces.
Both sides have been completely revamped with new skins and models, the Republic now features multiple new units such as the Heavy Trooper, Support Trooper and Heavy Gunner and all the units have been reoutfitted with brand new weapons which are based on actual real guns.
The Republic side has a brand new hero, Clone Commander Hardium who is armed with a powerful light machine gun and infinite grenades which makes him a very powerful unit and as a result there is little in terms of balance with this map.
I didn't identify any game breaking bugs but the regeneration rate of unit endurance is extremely slow which means that once you've used up the entire bar, the only way to restore it is using pick ups dropped by enemies.
All in all, this is another solid map in the series. If you like what you see here go ahead and give it a download, enjoy!