Download: Star Wars Battlefront II Mods (PC) HD: Coruscant: Modern Warfare | The Force Awakens

By BattlefrontJDgamer


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WATCH IN HD! This is the BRAND NEW Coruscant: Modern Warfare map by my friend the_legend aka El_Fabricio. This is latest and last of the_legend's maps for this year and he's certainly gone out with a bang! The map comes with support for both the stock eras as well as brand new custom Clone Wars and GCW as well as this third era based on Star Wars: Episode VII: The Force Awakens!
This map is a massive recreation of the entire of Coruscant's surface, complete with the Sky-to-Ground transition we're all used to seeing in his previous works. The streets are very well detailed complete with the bright neon billboards seen in the movies as well as lots of different locations including the fully animated Senate Chamber where Yoda faces off against Palpatine, the Chancellor's Office, Padme's Apartment and even the bar where Zam Wesell met her end in Attack of the Clones! That's not all though, as the battle then ascends to the skies with capital ships flying over Coruscant. Aboard these capital ships players can control various turrets as well as make use of brand new player controlled Predator missiles! In one word: wow. That's not the only new feature, this map also features destructible buildings, street lamps and barrels! Very cool indeed.
Here on the Force Awakens era the sides are the First Order against the Resistance. Both sides feature tons of cool new units such as the brand new First Order Stormtroopers, Heavy Troopers and TIE Pilots alongside new 'ultra units' with chrome armoured Captain Phasma and Kylo Ren, complete with his crossguard-saber both playable whilst the an old Han Solo, Chewbacca and Poe Damaron all feature for the Resistance.
Here on the Force Awakens era you can also play as lots of new vehicles including reskinned X-Wings as well as brand new vehicles such as the First Order's white-panelled TIE Fighters and even the Millennium Falcon which is docked nearby.
To top it all off, the map also has it's own custom music, which is a very nice touch in the bar which has its own music playing.
I haven't found any bugs in this era at all, which is great! Aside from that my only real recommendation to improve the map would be a few changes to the textures at street level as it is all the same at the moment. Also some of the reskins for this era are better than others, some of them might have benefited from some more polish.
To conclude this is one of the best Coruscant maps I've ever had the pleasure of playing and brings tons of new content to the table. A fantastic map which I highly recommend you all try out! Enjoy!

Note: All the mods are for PC only!