Download: Super Smash Bros. Brawl(Hacked)- Scott Pilgrim vs. Diablos

By frynaut


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Heheh... Get it? Scott Pilgrim vs...(The World) Diablos. Unintentional, hahah!

Both these hacks are just huge masterpieces. I honestly never knew you could move vertexes with new animations. Until I saw Diablos, at least. Although, to be honest, Diablos's jump is pretty small. At least they gave him multiple jumps(I think at least.). Their animations are just flawless. Both their standing motions are perfect, as well as everything else! These 2 hacks are HIGHLY recommended by me.

Scott Pilgrim's PSA is great. Very well balanced. Each move can lead to a 2 hit combo using the Side B move. His taunts are awesome. One of them, he does his little pose, the other makes him act like he's shooting guns, and the last on the crowd cheers for him! His specials are awesome as well. If you mash B, he'll rock out with his Bass. His regular moves can lead to quick, easy, and noticeable recoveries.

Diablos is just... wow... I give props to how much torture these guys had to put up with. I was really intrigued by the final smash. (P.S. I don't know what happened with the Final Smash in the video. A possible glitch.) Some of the moves are still the same from regular Ganondorf. Best the ones that are not, are REALLY noticeable, and the animations are beautiful and well putting for Diablos. There are both regular version, and OP(OverPowered) version. I used OP version.

Scott Pilgrim Vertex and PSA:
Diablos Vertex and PSA:
Stage Import: (Replaces Distant Planet)
Song Has a Broken Download(I don't think you would want it, anyways)

Scott Pilgrim Vertex and PSA were made by haloedhero, BeyondYou, Sdoom, Tetsuokame, and Segtendo
Diablos PSA and Vertex were made by DivineOverlord and Aafyre
Stage Import was made by FairKnight, charatchan with credit to Mewtwo_2000 and Blayd

Song was called "Soldier" from the Final Fantasy Crisis Core OST

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