Download: The Dajjal Chronicles: Episode 5: World War 3; The Malhamah

By TheNeedForCreed


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The Muslims at the time just before the emergence of the Antichrist, ad-Dajjal, will have a high status and great power thanks to the blessings and conquests of Imam Mahdi who will have ruled at that time between 7 and 9 years with the Seat of the Revived Muslim Caliphate based in Jerusalem.

But just as the waves of the ocean have crests and troughs, or day is followed by night, it seems that part of ad-Dajjal's emergence will be for the purpose of putting an end to the power and victories of the Muslims as a severe test.

At that time, there will be a peace treaty between the Muslims and the Romans (or modern day Western powers, whether on the Anglo-American or the Russian side of the spectrum).

As a combined force, they will attack an undefined common enemy and defeat them. Allah's Messenger (S) said, "They (the Romans) will advance towards you with 80 banners, and under each banner there are 12,000 (i.e. soldiers)." i.e. near enough a fighting force of a million soldiers.

Unfortunately, due to the insistence of claiming that the Cross (the polytheistic symbol of Pauline Christianity) gave victory in that battle, the pact will be broken.

That betrayal by the Romans, and the subsequent events that follow, will be the precursor of the Malhamah (al-Kubra), or the Great Battle; so-called "Armageddon." The End World War; a "Clash of Civilizations," of Islam versus all false doctrines, will then play out into an ultimate showdown between the Antichrist, al-Maseeh ad-Dajjal and Eesah, or Jesus of Nazareth; the son of Mary. The surprise will be that Jesus will take the side of the Muslims...