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Vimmi shows the photograph of Mona's and Anukalp's wedding to Goldie. Goldie breaks the glass he is holding. Later, Goldie finds Vimmi crying in her room. Vimmi tells Goldie that she has come to know about all his conspiracies. Goldie challenges her to tell the family about it. Goldie blackmails her by telling her that Sweety's happiness depends on him. Goldie tells her that he has proof that Sweety can never become a mother ever again. Vimmi has no option but to keep quiet. Sweety arrives there and tells Goldie that they have to go to a movie. Kalavati gives a letter written by Goldie for Sejal, to Mona and Bharti. Mona and Bharti match the handwriting to Goldie's sign on the car papers. Mona wants to show the letter to the family but Bharti stops her. Bharti tells her that they should go to the police with the evidence. Meanwhile, Vimmi sees Mona and Bharti and rushes to meet them. Vimmi apologises to Mona for having misunderstood her. Bharti tells Vimmi that they are going to the police. Vimmi stops them. She tells them that Sweety's life is on stake. Goldie meets the car salesman who warns him that he will be in a big trouble. Mona calls Goldie and tells him about his signature on his love letter to Sejal. Goldie tells Mona not to threaten him. Mona tells him that they will not file a complaint if he agrees for a deal. Parmeet's parents come to take Sweety. Daarji and Satnaam praise Goldie. The Gandhi family too arrives there. Vimmi and Mona praise Goldie. Mona tells Goldie that he wanted to tell the families something. Mona and Bharti tell Goldie to tell everything to the family. Goldie tells both the families that Anukalp is innocent and he has proof of that. Goldie tells Satnaam that the money was transferred by mistake to Anukalp's account. Goldie tells them that the car too was a mistake. Satnaam apologises to Bharti for having mistaken Anukalp. Sweety praises Goldie. Bharti and Mona tell the families that they are going to Mumbai with Goldie to get Anukalp freed.