Download: our bamboo house in the philippines and how we made it in 16 days

By My life in the Philippines


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our bamboo house in the philippines :this video contains photo's and video's how we made it,and what the cost are ,feel free to like it and to comment on it.if u have questions i will try to answer u enjoy and thx for watching

i promis to share my cost from the house so here u have i dont have all the bills anymore.

these are the bills i found

bamboo 100pcs x 100php = 10.000php
deliver the bamboo = 1.500php
ready mix sand 1 cub meter =900 deliverd i used 5cub meter = 4.500php
cement = 265 for 1bag x 11 bags = 2.915php
plates for the roof = around 200 for 1 plate but i get discount . so for the plates = 9.730php
iron for in the concreet post = 3.000php
umbrella nails for the roof = 200php nails = 1.700php plain sideplates = 1.680php
plates to close the top from roof = 560php
coconut wood 1tree=300php x 7 = 2.100php for cutting the wood = 4.000php
to bring the wood out off the bush = 1.200php
salary for 16 days for 5 employees = 17.000php
tiyoy peal(i dont remember what it is) = 900php plastic pipe for toilet and shower = 748php playwood i gues it were 2 plates = 960php mosquito screen = 1.000php materials for electric = 9.395php
things to make the door (lock, doorknob...) = 640php
full lpg tank ,hose,hose clips,regulator = 560php but first time u have to pay 700php more for the tank itself
food drinks extras like icecream or.... =11.620php ----------------- 85.908php

all togetter the house cost me between 3 and 4000€

i give them also presents bc they did a good job also we had 2 big partys untill morning :) :)

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